yacht refit / conversion

yacht refit / conversion


far beyond your imagination!


Our refit dept. and collaborating leading shipyards all over the world will find the right solution for your maritime projects.

Wether you would like to refit an old navy vessel / warship with a ton of history and its own breathtaking stories into a private yacht from scratch or you like to refit old-timers, wooden boats as well as composite, steel or aluminum hull vessels – no worries, we love to deal with your visions, brainstorm and manage the whole transformation procedure for you.


some of the projects:

– complete restoration of historic vessels to original, adding state of the art technical equipment

– complete restoration of wooden boats with new sophisticating interiors

– warship into a private owned superyacht

– tug-boat into a high class charter vessel & event-location

– complete refit of a casino-boat

– explorer vessel with a 50ft sports-fisher on top – back to world records fishing results and charters

– transformation from a cruise-vessel into business owned floating headquarters

including helipads and private submarine explorers.

YES-  we realize your challenging yachting projects!