boat show: boot Duesseldorf

via personal email:

“Dear Mr. Barile,

Dear Walter,

thank you for the opportunities that you have given us to start talking intensely at the boat show with the different exhibitors and shipyards and get to know the specific details of the selected boats.

As soon as we take our decision to purchase the new boat, we will get back in contact with you in any case, because we have felt your advice as very fair and open.

Yours sincerely
Romy Kadzienne”


yacht purchase at Ft. Lauderdale

via personal email:

customer’s quotation, translated in English:

“Dear Mr. Barile,

I want to thank you again, specifically for the transparent and fair handling of my boat purchase with you.

I thank you furthermore for the excellent care and fair access you could provide us with the different boot-exhibitors in order to understand the important details of such a lot of different yachts.

Perhaps we can even afford at a later stage the 10+ million Euro boat field. At this point we would like to come back to you.

Thank you once again

B. Longrich


boat show: Festival de la Pleisance, Cannes


customer’s quotation, translated in English:

“… I was at Monte Carlo and I really wanted to meet with Roberto Barile at the yacht show.

Best regards,



” Hey, you really missed something!

I’ve met him – and I can recommend his services with the best of my conscience.

He has taken a lot of time and guided me with expertise, empathy, tranquility, serenity, and in 3 languages around the fair. … and I’ve actually found my yacht by his professional & extensive support


Greets Michael”