the YES-philosophy



The YES Philosophy

There is of course a reason why we called our company and website, first of all we wanted to explain and abbreviate what we do, Y achting E xclusive S ervices giving it an international name, easy to understand and remember. Beside that, we are extremly motivated and customer orientated.

The positive feeling working with explains exactly what our company is all about…

“YES- we make it happen – the toughest challenges are our motivation !”


Even if other brokers should sometimes better call their company “no”-yachts, our name fits us by 100% – the one and only goal we can accept is to complete the mission with success and the fullest satisfaction of our high class clientele – give it a try and we will exceed your expectations!

Our relatively new established and completely restructred brokerage company is offering a very fresh and dynamic approach to the buying and selling of pleasure vessels of all sizes.

We pride ourselves on providing a professional, yet personal service to all our clients. VIP 1to1 yachting assistance is our overall credo.


Why did we choose Dusseldorf as our company headquarters location? Simple, because in our opinion it is the best place for boating being a German yachting company!

Dusseldorf is the hometown of the very well known boot-Duesseldorf international boat show, the biggest show in the industry all over Europe. Boot-Duesseldorf, taking place every year in January, has always been one of the first and prime trade fair locations in the global yachting calendar.

German craftmanship and technology is always launched at the Dusseldorf fair, so we are very proud to be “Made in Germany”. These alluring circumstances in combination with Dusseldorf’s boutique flair, high class inhabitants and worldwide friends make Dusseldorf, with its delightful climate – even for sheikhs escaping from their very hot summers, the ideal location for international boat lovers & owners.

YES- Yachting Exclusive Services being located at the centre of Europe is now combining the overseas & western boating industry with the middle east.


YES-  go with us and we’ll make it happen – globally!